Today, the Hype Energy drinks range comprises of Hype Energy MFP, Hype Energy MFP Sugar Free, the low-calorie Hype Energy Enlite, Hype Energy Up, Hype Energy Mojito, the Hype Energy Shot and the newest flavor, Hype Energy Afterdark. Hype Energy drinks are now available in over 45 countries worldwide.

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Scuf Gaming

Scuf Gaming, founded in 2010 quickly recognised that the standard controller you received with your Xbox 360 was too limited to cater for the next generation of video games. In short, players were purchasing new games and their skill was being held back by hardware limitations. One size definitely does not fit all and just like a Golf player has different clubs for different situations, we felt it was time that someone released a controller for more specific purposes.

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Trust Gaming

Trust Gaming provides value for money gaming accessories for PC and console, to build champions. They offer a diverse line-up of products for a beginner up to a professional gamer. Due to their close relationship with various pro gamers, they have the knowledge to create reliable peripherals that allow gamers to reach their full gaming potential and provide suited gear for every budget.

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With a 25-year heritage as an award-winning display technology leader, ViewSonic provides the best in complete display solutions. Offering a broad range of product lines and breakthrough technologies, ViewSonic delivers an unbeatable user experience. From Full HD LED monitors, to SuperClear IPS monitors, multi-touch displays, and all-in-one Android-based smart displays, ViewSonic offers best-in-class technology for any of your display needs.

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GT Omega Racing

GT Omega Racing brings to you the ultimate racing simulation cockpit. Designed to simulate real racing ergonomics with equally high levels of comfort, our cockpits come with a professional full sized seat in high quality synthetic leather. Ideal for all gaming enthusiasts for a range of platforms (PS3, XBOX360 and PC) GT Omega Racing is the ultimate virtual racing experience.

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Fragnet is a leading provider in online gaming services including game servers, dedicated gaming servers and voice over IP communication software. Our network infrastructure spans eleven data centres worldwide.

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Avermedia are a premium supplier of streaming and recording devices for gamers everywhere! They provide a wide range of devices to suit any gamers needs. They are widely recognised within esports as a reliable and high quality choice of device.

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Gamer Grip

Used and endorsed by professional athletes and pro gamers, GamerGrip™ is essential to a winning performance. GamerGrip™ is a non-slip, antiperspirant formula that is designed to improve your grip. It provides a superior grip solution for anyone who wants a competitive edge over their opponents or anyone who requires additional grip while they train.

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GUNNARS are high tech computer eyewear designed to protect, enhance and optimize your vision. GUNNARS increase contrast, comfort and focus while minimizing eye fatigue and visual stress for anyone who spends long hours staring at digital screens.

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