Epsilon CoD Qualify For Stage 2

CWL 2018

Before Epsi CoD competed at CWL Dallas, the squad had to re-qualify for the second stage of the Global Pro League.

The first game against Tainted Minds went all the way down to a deciding game five where the Australians managed to take the victory, putting the team in the loser’s bracket.

Epsi managed to bounce back with a 3-1 win over EZG Blue and Team Vitality to book their place in stage two!

Thank you for all the support in what has been a turbulent time for Epsilon CoD. Time to practice and make an impact in the pro league! Show your support for the team by using #EpsiWin on social media.


Smooya departs for BIG

Today we can confirm that Owen ‘Smooya’ Butterfield has been acquired by BIG Clan from #EpsiCSGO.


Smooya joined us at Epsilon for Season 1 of the Gfinity Elite Series and was instrumental in helping the team to achieve the big win in that inaugural season. He came back after the Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 with a brand new line up.

Since then he has been performing very well within our current line up, he helped us to reach pretty quickly Top 30 HLTV World ranking after especially an incredible win against Na’Vi during the IEM Katowice qualifier run.

We are proud to have unveil a new CS:GO talent. As it has always been part of our ADN at Epsilon, we accepted to let Smooya join BIG. We wish Owen the very best of luck in his new venture with BIG. We are pretty sure that he will quickly climb the CS:GO world ladder and become on of the best players in a close future.

We will update all our supporters with news on our CSGO line up with news when we have something to confirm.


Epsilon Reveal H1 Pro League Roster

Image result for h1z1 pro league

As one of the fifteen franchises competing in the H1 Pro League, we are pleased to announce our roster for season one!

Epsilon H1Z1

Shaylin “ApexShay” Alexander

Gustav “riddarn” Stråle

Markus “Fjeldern” Fjeld

Sebastian “BallonG” Eketrapp

David “melander” Melander

In a statement, ApexShay had this to say ahead of the start of the season:

“I’m super excited to play in the Pro League under Epsilon. I’ve been with them for just over a year now and I couldn’t ask for a better organization. We have a strong team and have been practicing nearly every single day leading up to the start of the League.”

With the team practicing hard, they’ll be looking for a solid performance against fourteen of the world’s best H1 teams who are all battling it out to be crowned Pro League champions.

Season one gets under way on the 21st of April from the Caesar’s Entertainment Studio in Las Vegas. Remember to show your support by using #EpsiWin on social media!

CWL Birmingham Preview

CWL 2018

After picking up their first victories in the CWL Pro League, Epsi CoD will be in attendance at CWL Birmingham. Taking place at the Insomnia Gaming Festival, the squad have been drawn into Group A, against some top North American opposition. Let’s take a closer look.

Joining us in Group A are defending CWL Champions, Rise Nation. The North American powerhouse will be looking to take home their second championship of the season with a win at Birmingham.

Alongside Rise, eUnited and Echo Fox complete the group. Eunited are on a recent run of form and certainly have the experience to take home the title this weekend. As for Echo Fox, their recent performances have been mixed. Their match against Epsi should be a fantastic watch.

It will be a tough task to make out of the pool but the team are feeling confident heading into the weekend.

Remember to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates from CWL Birmingham this weekend. #EpsiWin

Gfinity Elite Series Recap



The third season of the Gfinity Elite Series is well underway. Our FiFA, Street Fighter and Rocket League squads have competed in the first two fixtures of the season. Let’s take a look at where they currently stand!

Rocket League

Kicking off the season with a comfortable 3-0 win over Team Ares, EpsiRL looked to continue their great start against Fnatic in week two. They were able to do just that, taking a 3-1 victory to begin the Rocket League season with a flawless record of 2-0 and sit at the top of Group B.

Epsi Rocket LeagueStreet Fighter V

After a disappointing second season, a new-look Street Fighter headed into the third season with plenty of wins on the agenda. Unfortunately, a 4-0 sweep by Fnatic and a 4-2 defeat to Team Ares was not the best way to start the season. We shall be back to our best, as we look to get the first win on the board against Unilad in week three!

Epsi Street Fighter


With the addition of Dingo to our PS4 division, Epsi FIFA had high hopes of some solid performances in FIFA. Game one against Unilad saw the points shared evenly as Dingo impressed with a victory against Shellz and Mover fell against reigning world champion, Gorilla. In week two, the team were unable to secure any points, falling 2-0 to a strong Fnatic side. A win against Ares in week three will be a big step forward as we look to move towards the top of Group B.

Epsi Dingo FIFA

Heading into the latter stages of the season, we hope that all three of our teams can secure a place in the playoffs at the end of the season!

Thank you for all the support and remember to keep up to date with all of our teams by following us on Twitter. #EpsiWin




Welcome our new Call of Duty Influencer

After our recent partnership with Fifa Youtuber Vizeh, we have been looking at other areas where we could form similar partnerships.

One obvious one was within the Call of Duty community, and after a search for the right person, we have settled on Scottish Youtuber and presenter MarleyThirteen!


Marley has produced excellent CoD content on his channel for a while now and has well over 300,000 subscribers.
He also works with the BBC Gaming Channel ‘BBC The Social’, where he covers lots of other games.

Marley’s main task will be to work with Epsilon on some CoD related videos, and as he’s attending Insomnia 62 as one of the special guest content creators, it seems the ideal opportunity for him to cover CWL Birmingham for us!

So pay a visit to his channel and drop him a sub and check out his excellent content - https://www.youtube.com/user/MarleyThirteen/

Welcome to the #EpsiFamily Marley!

gfin s3

Gfinity Elite Series – Week One Recap


This past weekend, the opening week of the Gfinity Elite Series took place. Let’s take at how we got on in FIFA, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.


Epsi FIFA would kick off their season against a strong Unilad team. Game one saw Fully take on reigning world champion, Gorilla. With the early aggression, Gorilla looked to break the deadlock early but failed to convert. Fully managed to sneak through the defence to score the first goal of the game. A late goal for Fully wrapped up a big victory over one of the best in the world.

Next up, Dingo would face Shellz on the PS4. Two quick goals from the Unilad player sealed the deal for the opposition, making the series a 1-1 draw.

Rocket League

A new look Epsi RL team began their campaign against Ares. A phenomenal performance from the squad saw them secure a swift 3-0 victory, only conceding one goal in the process. They’ll be looking to continue their great start of the season in week two, where they will face Fnatic.

Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter squad started their season against newcomers, Fnatic. Keftaroz kicked off the series against Brick, but Brick managed to take the game and the early lead for the opposition. Game two would see Kuja take on Akainu. Akainu fully utilised the sonic booms to take round one but Kuja responded in the second, landing Abigail’s special to close out the round. A back and forth third round went in favour of Akainu and the squad were now 2-0 down.

Takamura would do battle against Shakz in game three. Takamura managed to take the first round before Shakz shifted the momentum, taking the next two. We now needed a reverse sweep if we were to take victory.  Takamura stayed on to take on Akainu. Unluckily Akainu was too strong and won the game in convincing fashion. Fnatic took a 4-0 victory, handing us our first loss of the new season.

Despite the loss in Street Fighter, it was a good start to season three of the Elite Series. Bring on week two! Don;t forget to show your support on social media using #EpsiWin

Epsilon Academy Director Wanted

Epsilon Esports have always had a history of scouting and developing some of the best esports players.

In a bid to continue and even heighten this, we are starting our own Academy with assistance from our partner at Hype Energy.

We will search for bright new talents and help them to develop in a supportive environment which will hopefully support all our other esports activities.

Now, the question we ask is…….Could YOU be our Academy Director?

We want to hear from people if you think you have what it takes to take this academy to new levels of esports development.

Below is our Job Description/Person Specification.

If you feel that you fit this, please email us at contact@epsilon-esports.com including your resume and a description as to why you would be ideal for the role.

Good luck to all applicants!

Academy director:

Job brief

We are looking for an Academy director to manage the Epsilon Academy which will be launched shortly.

Academy director responsibilities include the hiring of the players and their management. Before signing any player the Academy director will need to present a player profile to the Epsilon eSports management and argue why it would be of good value for the Epsilon Esports Academy.

The Academy director needs to set up personalised training sessions for the academy players to help them to improve and maybe join the main team.

The Academy director responsibilities also include the fact that they need to be open to any new opportunities for our different Academy teams. It means that they need to be able to scout the upcoming players.

The Academy director needs to train and monitor the players in social media skills and make sure they are available and ready for any kind of sponsor special activations.

Ultimately, the Academy director need to update on a regular basis Epsilon eSports management board on player evolution, through the production of reports.


Hiring Academy players
Manage the Academy players
Set up training session for Academy players
Scout upcoming players
Monitor players on social media
Teach players social media best practice


Work experience as eSport director or any similar role
Work experience as Manager for an eSport team
Good knowledge of the many esports scenes
Scouting skills
Good social media knowledge
Fluent in English

Epsilon CoD Roster Update

CWL 2018

After being unable to attend CWL Atlanta last weekend, we had been put in a difficult situation ahead of the CWL Pro League.

Thankfully, we have managed to find a solution ahead of the Pro League as Jordan “Reedy” Reed joins Epsilon Call of Duty, as a substitute, for the remainder of Stage One.

It’s been a tough season so far for Epsi CoD. With this addition to the team, we’ll be looking to get a few wins on the board as we head towards the Stage One Playoffs and Relegation.

A massive thank you to MLG for all their assistance in this situation, and thank you for all of your continued support over the past week. Stay tuned to our social media for all updates. #EpsiWin


Epsilon become inaugural H1Z1 Pro League Team

We are very excited to be one of the inaugural charter teams in H1Z1 Pro League.

With the announcement made by H1Z1 Pro League earlier today, it has been confirmed that Epsilon Esports will be competing with 14 other teams for the title of best H1Z1 team in the world!

All the action will take place in Las Vegas, and will be streamed LIVE on Facebook, who have partnered with the league.

Also partnered with the League are Caesars Entertainment who will host the event!

We at Epsilon have loved supporting our H1Z1 teams and players within the game and see Pro League as an exciting step

So keep an eye on all our Social Media channels and see what goes down in the Battle Royale to end all Battle Royales!

#EpsiH1Z1 #H1Z1ProLeague