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ESL Shop launched !

We have a busy weekend for Epsilon coming up with both Dreamhack Winter and Epsi.Gears at Columbus. And what better way to celebrate, than to check out our brand new ESL Shop !

With Jersey, Hoodie and fan T Shirt available, we’re sure you’ll find something for you.

Maybe it could even be an early Christmas present ! Stock is limited, so be fast if you want to get your Epsilon item. For a limited time period, a 20% discount is available on our officiel hoodie and jersey. Do not miss out on this offer!


Shop link.
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Epsilon Esports is partnering with an historical football club

We are proud to announce the beginning of our collaboration with a historical football club involved in The Champions League.

This unique and innovative partnership in the eSports field will be elevated by one of our players who will represent this club in an ambassador role. The main aim of this partnership will be to gather two communities: the Epsilon Esports one and the historical football club one. We will create a bridge between eSports and sports field. In order to accomplish that, ourselves and our new partner will create regular content on our social networks.

We will announce the identity of both our partner and ambassador on the 26th October, we count on your presence to welcome this new member to the Epsilon Family.

Kalle released from Epsilon CSGO

We today announce the release of Karl-William ‘Kalle’ Haraldsen from Epsilon CSGO.

The team have decided to explore new options and will be looking at alternatives over the coming days.


We would like to place on record our thanks to Kalle for his efforts during his time with the team and wish him luck in whatever he undertakes next.

More information will be released as and when we have it. For the present time, the team are looking at options and seeing who would be a good fit for the team dynamics.

Keep your eyes on our twitter account for any more announcements.

fifa academy

Epsilon announce International Fifa Academy

FIFA 17 has certainly marked the start of a new era for the game and has tipped FIFA into another eSports dimension. With the FIWC circuit that has progressed through the 2016-2017 season, regions other than Europe have seen the arrival of talented FIFA players. However, due to the support of traditional sports organizations and football clubs, the rest of the world lags slightly behind Europe in this sector. It is for this reason that we wish to invest in these regions and to give a chance to the talented players who evolve there.

We are therefore proud to announce the launch of our international FIFA Academy. Composed currently of 4 players, our objective is to develop each of these players thanks to our experience in the management of the Fifa esports and no doubt that results will happen quickly! Without further delay here is the composition of the Epsilon eSports Fifa Academy:

Giuseppe “Guastella11″ Guastella: the veteran

After participating in no fewer than five FIWC finals, one of the veterans of the FIFA scene continues to impress with his consistency. He is currently playing at the FITC Qualifier in Miami for the FIWC.

Joseph “Joey” Calabro

As a rising figure on the American FIFA scene, this talented player has already secured his place for season 3 of the FIWC regional qualifiers. Less well known to the general public, he has a potential that our scouting teams had noticed! Here are his feelings on joining Epsilon:

“I am very happy to start my career as a professional player with Epsilon eSports, it is a real honor to represent them and I intend to do my best to make them proud”

Harry “Honeybadgers2134″ Blackmore

Having come third to qualify for season 1 FUTC regionals for the Rest of the World, this young player from New Zealand has attracted the attention of our Fifa team. With the support of our staff he will no doubt continue his momentum! Here’s what Harry had to say:

“I am very happy to start my FIFA adventure with Epsilon eSports and after finishing third in the Sydney regional I have the opportunity today with Epsilon to take a new course. Will be able to participate in the FIWC and prepare for the next FIFA.”

Ben “TheFIFAanimal” Mears

The last member of our FIFA Academy, this young and talented player who finished in the Top8 of the Sydney Regional also attracted our attention. We are hoping our support will allow Ben to progress and help him develop his huge potential. Ben had this to say:

“I am very happy to join the Epsilon eSports academy project and it is a very important step forward for my career, which I realize by taking the opportunity to prove my capabilities under the colors of Epsilon eSports”

Epsilon & SoundBlaster X renew partnership

Epsilon are very happy to announce that we have renewed our partnership deal with Creative/Sound BlasterX.


We have been working very closely with Sound BlasterX for some time now and their range of Headsets and Amps have been such an integral part of our team’s successes.

The H5 & H7 tournament editions, as well as the well loved P5 in ears have proved to be a massive contributing factor to how well we perform in game.

add 1

Epsilon CEO, Greg Champagne had this to say about the new deal:

“Epsilon is excited to extend their relationship with Creative Sound BlasterX for another year.  We both believe that our partnership in eSports continues to develop and bring great value to both parties. We look forward to another incredible year ahead.”


Low Long Chye, General manager at Creative had this comment:

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Epsilon in enabling them to compete effectively at the highest-levels of competitive gaming. In this world where precision and accuracy are everything, Sound BlasterX products provide a competitive edge for gamers in discerning what’s going on around them in the game. Whether on the battlefield or race track, Sound BlasterX lets gamers perceive precisely with clear detailed audio, which in turn allows them to react quickly and execute actions effectively. We will continue to work with Epsilon to develop future cutting-edge gaming products,”

We now hope this new agreement will continue to develop the exciting partnership between the 2 partners and see our players and teams to succeed with the help of more exciting products from Sound BlasterX.

To celebrate this renewal, don’t forget to check out our Twitter page for an amazing Giveaway to win a Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition Headset and P5 In Ears! See here – https://twitter.com/Epsilon_eSports


Fully is joining our Epsi.FIFA team

A few weeks after integrating Guigsey among our Epsi.FIFA roster we are proud to welcome a new player also coming from England. Ranked second in the FUT Champions world leaderboard for the month of march and then qualified for the FUTC europe season 3 regionals, Akima “Fully” Byron is joining Epsilon eSports.

For a few months our scouting service are looking for new players and the upcoming stars of the FIFA scene. After following Fully’s performances since a moment we made the decision to hire him. Here is what Samy Bessi had to say, Epsilon eSports vice-president :

“We had internally been looking at Fully from the start of  FIFA17. His way of playing, regularity, confidence mental. We are delighted that he will join us now and we are confident about his future in our #EpsiFamil.”

On his side, Fully has expressed his joy to join Epsilon eSports :

“Joining epsilon today feels immense, due to the fact that I have put in so much time and effort and now I am part of one of the best organisation. I’m looking to come top 4 in the upcoming events.”

Welcome to Fully among #EpsiFamily, important events are coming in the upcoming months !

H1Z1 announce

Epsilon and Hype enter H1Z1 – Welcome our new Kings of the Kill!

Today, Epsilon, in association with our partners Hype Energy, are truly excited to announce to that we have taken a big step and entered the world of H1Z1! The famous survival shooter developed by Daybreak, has really taken off, and gathered a massive online following. This is both from a playing and watching point of view. Therefore we are glad to team up with one of the best international teams!

Recently, the advent of competitive H1Z1 has seen the game’s growth advance even quicker.  As Daybreak is pushing the eSports aspect of their game, we have made the choice to pick up one of the best teams, especially as they are truly an international team. Here are the players that we hope will provide you with entertainment and excitement:

Ziad “AyeZee” Koussa – Flag_of_Lebanon.svg sa flag
Shaylin “ApexShay” Alexander - UK-Union-Flag
Markus “Fjeldern” Fjeld  - no
Marius “Kugeeh” Steinsrud  - no
Richard “GoldenDuke” Crawford  - Flag_of_the_United_States.svg
Here is the statement of the Team Captain, Ziad “AyeZee” Koussa about joining us:


“As the team captain and on behalf of my entire team, I would like to thank Epsilon and Hype for giving us such an amazing opportunity to join them. It is such a privilege for all of us as a top tier team, to be given the chance to represent an internationally well renowned organization in the eSports scene and Hype Energy, one of their partner. As everyone knows, Epsilon has an extremely high team standard in the eSports world and we are confident that we can definitely uphold, if not exceed, those remarkable standards of competition.
From my perspective as team captain and someone who has so much experience playing H1Z1, I have never led or played with a team that has as much potential and talent as this team. They are all some of the top ranked players in the world that gel so well as a team, despite being from so many different countries.
As a team we look forward to competing in future events and we hope to achieve the success that everyone is expecting from our top tier team.”

With members of the team also being successful streamers too, we expect massive content and exposure as well as a terrifically talented team of players!

Watch out for much more from #EpsiH1Z1 soon!


Epsilon CSGO Parts Ways with Chrille

Epsilon CSGO have today announced that they shall part ways with their old manager/coach, Christian ‘Chrille’ Lindberg.

Chrille has been with the team from the start with Epsilon, and has had a big part to play in the success that the team has had.
More than this, he has been an integral part of the smooth running of Epsilon’s CSGO activities over this time. With big wins in China at PGL & WCA, the team moved forward a lot under his guidance.

Epsilon CEO, Greg Champagne had this to say about Chrille’s time with the team:

“Although the CSGO team wanted a fresh vision of tactics for themselves, this was an extremely difficult decision. Christian is a hardworking and genuine person, pumped up behind his team all the way. He brought a team from the unknown status, to one of the top teams in the world. This alone is not a small achievement. I’m sure that one day our paths will meet again!”

Chrille also commented on his period at Epsilon:

“I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been a part of the Epsi family over a year and it’s a time I will always remember. I had the privilege to coach Swedens top talents and players with tremendous experience.  I’m convinced the team will manage to reach the Major soon and the players who left for new adventures will for sure raise the finest trophy soon. A special thanks to Greg, Samy our sponsors and all in Epsilon for all the support I have received from you. A new chapter begins for me now with new challenges and it’s something I look forward to extremely much. Keep your eyes open!”


We have lots to thank Christian for and we wish him the very best of luck in whatever adventure comes next for him. We are sure he will smash it, whatever it is.

Moving forward, we will announce any news with regards a new CSGO staff member in due course.
Until then please direct any enquiries about Epsilon CSGO to the following email – austin.wright@epsilon-esports.com

Once again thanks Christian and Good luck!


Draken leaves Epsilon

Epsilon can today announce that William “Draken” Sundin will be leaving our ranks to join NIP.

Draken has been part of Epsilon for almost a year and his rise to the top of the CSGO scene has been astonishing. He is one of the revelation of 2016 and we, as Epsilon staff, are more than happy to see where he is standing now.



The story began several months ago when we activated our CSGO scouting service to pick up a team of young and talented players. Draken was among them as an AWP player and this was how his adventure with Epsilon started. One year later, after winning both PGL Summer and WCA, the last page of Draken story with Epsilon has been written. A new one will start for both him, with NIP, and us.


Draken has been a terrific ambassador for Epsilon, his passion to win and his hard work explained his rise to the top. A long career is promised to him in CSGO and we will probably lift other trophies in the future.

Epsilon CEO, Greg Champagne, had this to say about Draken:

When our disco doplan made a move to Fnatic, everyone was worried, but we came out stronger. Today draken departs, but the next day we came out swinging. We will be looking to repeat. So many stories to tell around the man that only a year ago, was unknown to the pro-scene. William is a very genuine person, dedicated to CSGO (sometimes too much sure) to become one of the very top players in the world. I strongly believe its his personality which makes him so good, his strong will of wanting to win every single game.

We will miss him, but he desired the opportunity to try something new, and therefor we granted his request. Good luck William. #EpsiFamily

Draken had this to say about his time at Epsilon:

One year later, a new adventure begins for me with NIP, I want to thank Epsilon & Sponsors, especially Greg and Samy for seeing the potential in us when they picked us up. Epsilon believed in us from day one, and gave me the opportunity to grow as an individual player as well as a teamplayer. As a team we achieved amazing results, and although I will no longer be playing alongside them, they will remain a family and I have incredible memories with them.
Playing alongside Freddieb, rez, kalle, barbarr and chrille pushed me to be better, and can’t thank them enough.

We want to wish Draken the very best of luck in whatever the future brings and thank him for all his hard work and sucess during his time with #EpsiCSGO. He will play one last time under our colours tomorro during the Starladder playoff match against Fnatic.

We can rassure our fan, Epsilon CSGO history is not over, we will come back. After discovering talented players like DiscoDoplan, Draken , Flusha, JW, we are preparing the future…

Epsilon Joshh Returns!

It’s been a while coming, and most of you will have already guessed, but we are delighted to announce the return of Joshua-Lee ‘Joshh’ Sheppard!

After a relatively successful period on a strong Splyce roster, Josh has now made the decision to return to EpsiCoD.
Josh had a successful history at Epsilon during his first stint with us, and clearly feels that joining us now can start something similar.
Here’s what Josh had to say about joining the current roster:

“I’m happy to be teaming with the new squad and we’re putting in a lot of work to make sure we qualify for S1 and do the damage we all know we can do.”


The team now travel to Dallas for a very important event, and one that can hopefully propel the team towards CWL LAN League qualification.

Join us in wishing the team the very best of luck and welcome back to Epsilon colours Josh!




Epsilon France enters CSGO

Epsilon France is today entering the French CSGO scene with a line up composed of well-known French based players.

At a time when CSGO is developing more and more in France, we have chosen to take a team composed of talented French players led by a charismatic captain. Without further delay here is the composition of this roster:

Téchené “LoWkii” Theo french_flag
Bartolomei “VKLL” Valentin french_flag
Ben nouioua “Malek” Malek french_flag
Jug “JACKZ” Audric french_flag
Intronati “Kan4″ Leo french_flag

The team will take part in the French LOGS to start with, and the objective of achieving the most trophies and podiums possible.

Malek, captain of this roster, had this to say about joining:

“Today I am very happy to announce this project that I have been working on for several months, with JACKZ, LoWkii, VKLL and Kan4 all very talented players who will carry me as usual!

We have an enormous opportunity and I believe in this. It is a dream come true, we are professionals and we will have the best conditions (Gaming House, salary, long term contract) to evolve to the best level.

I know the image that many people give me rightly or wrongly, however I can promise you that I will work very hard and give everything for the success of this project and make all the French proud.

Do not hesitate to share your criticisms, congratulations, hatred and love, always with respect. It affects us tremendously and we will take them into consideration.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart all my supporters because each like RT shares sub and gives me more passion.

The first outing for our French roster CSGO will be held this weekend at EpsiLan and we count on you to be behind them the EpsiFamily!


Epsilon sign Guigsey!

Epsilon is delighted to announce the signing of a new Fifa player to our ranks.

After looking at a lot of different option over the last few weeks, we have been able to secure the services of Anthony ‘Guigsey’ McGuigan!

Epsilon has a long history in Fifa esports and we are very excited to continue that with the addition of Guigsey.
He has proven himself to be a very consistent performer at the top level and we are very hopeful that he can continue to do that over the coming months. Having already competed at the recent regional event in Paris, there is surely more to come!

Added to this is the fact that he has a successful twitch stream, and we feel that we can move forward with making sure that Fifa has a high priority within Epsilon.

Guigsey had this to say about joining Epsilon:

“I’m delighted to have agreed to sign with Epsilon. At this stage in my career I’m looking to take my game to the next level and this is right place for me to do that. I’m looking forward to getting started and having a successful year representing Epsilon”

We appreciate the high standing that Fifa esports is now gaining and are determined that Epsilon shall remain right at the forefront of this upwards movement.