Proud of our accomplishments, we are happy to share the pure class of Epsilon and look forward to meeting you.

You would like to speak to the staff? Many ways of doing so through twitter, facebook or by email. If you raise a spark of interest within the staff and you will be contacted to continue the discussion directly with a staff member.

Epsilon eSports was founded in 2008 with the goal of becoming a symbol in the world of eSports. Since that day, our organization has obtained the best possible results in games such as CounterStrike: Source, Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2 & 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Shootmania, & Team Fortress 2.
Present everywhere in Europe, our organization touts itself as being highly international as we join players and members from over 20 different nations. With this strong presence in many countries, our organization offers to its players the opportunity to showcase their talent world-wide and benefit from the name Epsilon eSports during their participation at the most important competitions in the world, regardless whether it’s online or on-site. All of our players are bound by contract to our organization, allowing them to evolve in a stable environment combining professionalism and quality performance.



Greg Champagne


Age: 43

Simple really, passion for eSports


Onyx by Gunnar

Neil Harvey

Community Manager

United Kingdom

Community Manager and general social media person! You may find me lurking at events - Twitter - @Epsilon_Grumpy


Scuf One
Epsilon Edition by Scuf Gaming
Onyx by Gunnar
Trust GXT 890 Cada
by Trust Gaming

Sir Alex

Team Manager


The most successful FIFA Coach in the world, takes on more challenges as the Academy Director of Epsilon eSports