Epsilon Drops SF from CSGO Roster

After the news last night that Valve had banned our player Gordon “SF” Giry, Epsilon have made the decision to swiftly remove SF from the CSGO roster. Obviously this does not change the fact that we will not be at DreamHack as we intended, but it was a necessary procedure given the circumstances.

We have carried out a quick investigation along with information from Valve, and have also received an admittance of guilt from SF himself. This means that we have moved quickly to remove SF and make sure that we act in a manner that suits this situation.

As you can imagine this has been a difficult time, and we particularly feel for our remaining players as they are the ones that suffer as a consequence.

Robin “GMX” Stahmer had this to say on the matter:

“As you may know , last night was a shock for the whole scene (For Titan and Us). This is not something that usually happens, and I didn’t expect that kind of thing to occur at that level of Counter Strike. Obviously we didn’t know that Sf cheated , and how long he cheated for, and was it 1 time only? All I know is that he told me that he cheated once in a Matchmaking, that’s all.
Sf is obviously no longer part of the team, but this is something that we must not forget. We’re not going to Dreamhack, and this is maybe one of the worst feelings I’ve had to endure. I wish it never happened, but it did, so now we must go on and forget this nightmare”

Lastly at this time, we have also not ruled out further action against SF in terms of losses incurred by Epsilon because of this situation occurring.
If we have any further information then we will comment on this at a later date.

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