Our team of Influencers and Streamers come from a variety of backgrounds and games and give us a reach into different communities.



Tony Watt


Tony Watt is a professional footballer for St Johnstone in the Scottish Premier League. The ex Celtic man is a keen gamer and streams regularly to his predominantly football related followers.
However his games are varied, with PES, Fifa, NBA 2K and Fortnite being some of them!

John Tony here -



Vizeh aka Liam Waddington has a love/hate relationship with Fifa, as well as a long term adoration of Dean Marney!
He is a well known football Vlogger and streams regularly to his loyal followers!

Watch Vizeh on Twitch here -

Check out his Youtube here -



Marley is a Scottish streamer and Youtuber that predominantly play Call of Duty.

He has worked with BBC Scotland on other gaming projects and is a regular attender of gaming events.

It is common knowledge that Marley is good enough to be a CoD Pro.....everyone knows that....right?

Check out Marley's Youtube channel here -



Macau is a Portugese Streamer who has a long history in esports and gaming.
A previous member of CoD sniping teams such as Faze and Soar, he now streams mostly Fortnite and has competed in recent Skirmish events.
He has a great following and can often be found supporting the rest of the Fortnite community by hosting viewing parties on his stream.

Check out Macau's stream here -


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