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The star duo Cruc1al and Surreal push forward 2019 with the long awaited return of Spellan, and 2 huge FPL talents reinfocing the team. A combination of experience and young firepower!


Team Epsilon Fifa is the result of an alliance of seriousness, competitiveness and a great atmosphere. It imposes an impressive regularity the last years at the highest level to become one of the references of virtual football.


Our team of Influencers and Streamers come from a variety of backgrounds and games and give us a reach into different communities.


Epsilon is willing to expand is influence in FIFA toward other area than Europe powered by HYPE ENERGY. It is in this framework that we launched a FIFA Academy project composed of talented players coming from various countries.


We all have one thing in common, we share a great passion for esports. Proud of our accomplishments, we are happy to share the pure class of Epsilon and look forward to meeting you.