2019 – Great year ahead!

On behalf of Epsilon we would like to wish you all the best for year 2019. Thank you to all our partners for their continued trust and active work with us.

2018 was a year of many tests and obstacles, where we made a lot of commitments on all different sides with a staff doing the best they can.
We learned through our mistakes and have vowed to ourselves to do better in 2019, focusing on our players and key games. Many players shared with us their experience, creating specific bonds or issues, and realizing where we could do better. We will be proceeding with many changes within
our ways of communication between players and staff, this will be the focus point of 2019. We want to leave no stones unturned for commencing 2019, as we have always committed ourselves to making sure any commitments have been sorted.

Surprises came in 2018, with the unfortunate incident of the H1Z1 Pro League closing down, and it is still a hard period for everyone in Epsilon to resurface from. The issue following Joksan’s departure, where in a world of esports, a player’s claims seem to be the only thing that matters. Joksan owes more then 10k of prize earnings to Epsilon for now 5 months, which had been agreed to be deducted from his salary, which we did as a favor. As a valued player and a trust within both parties, it came as a shock to us the recent claims and we are pursuing legal action for unilaterally breaking his contract and money owed towards Epsilon.
For us as a organisation, it’s very difficult to share this publicly but at this point of time it’s important for our supporters to know.

The Academy has met a success rate not imaginable, with players literally exploding on all games, which was a huge management task itself. Congratulations to all the Academy players, current or past, a bright future awaits you. We will be announcing specific players of the Academy taking the next step thanks to hard work and dedication. It’s a proud achievement thanks to Cedric “Sir Alex” Gouth who has done an amazing job, and has been an active part of Epsilon for years now.

2019, better communication, focus on our roots. Time to get to work.