Welcome to Mence in our FIFA roster

The new FIFA season is about to start and we have worked really hard during the whole summer transfer period to find the best up and coming talent in the FIFA scene. We don’t bring you Neymar but with the help of our scouting service  and our partners from ePunks we have found the exact profile we were looking for, Abdelhamid “Mence” Fares who has been transfered from ePunks.

This young and talented french player has proven that he was able to face the biggest players of the French scene, notably during the Gamer Assembly where he reached the final and only lost to the PSG and ex-Epsilon player Daxe.

EPunks staff holds maybe the best position to tell us more about the player :

“It comes with a heavy heart that today we say goodbye to Abdelhamid “Mence” Fares, who joined our FIFA section alongside countryman Alexis “Alexinho” Durand back at the start of the 2017 Season.

He has achieved a fantastic podium finish at the Gamers Assembly in France, taking down the legendary Bruce “The Machine” Grannec, as well as battling hard to a 2nd place finish against PSG’s world champion Lucas “Daxe” Cuiller.

Mence is probably one of the best young talents out there. Moving into 2018, we are looking to significantly rebuild our team and the structure of FIFA, whilst Mence wishes to take on exciting new challenges. Therefore, we have mutually agreed to part ways and transfer him to Epsilon Esports.

We thank him for his time on ePunks and wish him the best in his future endeavours and look forward to watching him compete. We would also like to thank our fans for their continued and unlimited support.

Your ePunks Team”


Samy Bessi, Epsilon Esports vice president was really happy to have the opportunity to get a new talented French Fifa player under our colours :
“I am really delighted to have Mence under our colours from now on. He is a very talented player. We have a lot of experience in managing and coaching this kind of specific player profile, I am really looking forward to next season. I would like also to thanks ePunks for their cooperation in this case”

Mence will compete for the first time under Epsilon Esports colours this week-end during the European CUP, here are his first words as an Epsilon Esports player :

“I am really happy to join Epsilon Esports and start to work with this famous organisation. I would like to also thank ePunks in helping me to become the player I am today”

We hope you will show him some support !