Vizeh Joins Epsilon as Content Partner

For a long time, Epsilon have watched and researched content creators to see if this is an area that can help us in promoting our brand and extending our offering to our fans and community.

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that we have taken on board a rapidly growing and exciting Youtuber who we believe fits very much with what we want to achieve.


Liam ‘Vizeh’ Waddington is primarily a Fifa content creator, who also specialises in football related vlogs, mostly surrounding his beloved Burnley FC!

We are looking to step up our content around Fifa and see this as a really exciting step towards involving both Vizeh and our Fifa team in some progressive videos.

With lots of competitive Fifa coming over the course of the coming year, there are plenty of opportunities for content to be produced.

So, go check out Vizeh’s channel and see what his videos are about -

Also follow Vizeh on Twitter here -

Keep an eye on our twitter for more information!

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