Street Fighter V Roster Update

With the beginning of the third season of the Gfinity Elite Series fast approaching, we have made some changes regarding our Street Fighter V roster.

We have decided to release, Linkexelo, Kojackkira, Nightcross, Atrosh and Brick as we look to rebuild our Street Fighter division for season three of the Elite Series. We wish good luck to those amazing players.

The Belgian brothers of Takamura and Keftaroz will remain on the team as they begin preparation for the upcoming season of the Capcom Pro Tour. They will be looking to improve even more, after a strong showing at several tournaments across 2017.


We will be announcing who will be competing alongside Takamura and Keftaroz in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Twitter account to hear the news first!

Keep showing your support for all the teams by using the #EpsiWin on social media!