Welcome our new Call of Duty Influencer

After our recent partnership with Fifa Youtuber Vizeh, we have been looking at other areas where we could form similar partnerships.

One obvious one was within the Call of Duty community, and after a search for the right person, we have settled on Scottish Youtuber and presenter MarleyThirteen!


Marley has produced excellent CoD content on his channel for a while now and has well over 300,000 subscribers.
He also works with the BBC Gaming Channel ‘BBC The Social’, where he covers lots of other games.

Marley’s main task will be to work with Epsilon on some CoD related videos, and as he’s attending Insomnia 62 as one of the special guest content creators, it seems the ideal opportunity for him to cover CWL Birmingham for us!

So pay a visit to his channel and drop him a sub and check out his excellent content -

Welcome to the #EpsiFamily Marley!