Moken leaves Epsilon CSGO

Epsilon tonight can confirm that Moken has left our CSGO roster.

Moken had this to say:

“Whilst in the team my game and confidence went down to a point where I feel it is time to leave to find new motivation. We’ll still be good friends and I wish Epsilon good luck in the future.”

The team will play with a stand in until a firm replacement can be confirmed.

On that note, Team Manager Chrille had this to say:

“Would like to thank Moken for his time with us. Unfortunately it was not as we had hoped for when he was unhappy with his role and lost confidence over time. We all love him and are convinced that he will be successful in the future. Now we hope to get someone that syncs more with the team and have a tactical capability of the game. More info about that coming soon!”

We will keep you informed on this as soon as it becomes a defined situation.