Launching of the Breaking Games Youtube channel !

As we had announced a few days ago, today marks the launch of an Epsilon eSports supported YouTube channel, ‘Breaking Games’. Gaming, prestigious guests, Epsilon eSports players and renowned YouTubers will share this new project that we are announcing today!

Two central people will take care of running this YouTube channel. Chris Fait Le Show and MonsieurFun, two French YouTubers, will produce content on a regular basis aimed at the lighter side of video gaming! You will be able to see occasionally Epsilon eSports players also appearing in the videos. So we will share with you weekly entertainment where you will find both YouTuber gaming and esports professional players.

The first video of this channel, which you will see below, shows you Epsilon eSports’ new magnificent gaming house. A lot of the videos will be shot here and our players will regularly train there. Without further ado, let’s watch the first video of ‘ Breaking Games’!