Joey joins New York City FC

One year ago, The Epsilon Hype Academy began with a common goal of discovering up and coming talent in certain geographical areas, and helping these players to take it to the next level.Today marks a huge success for the Academy, through the continued development of our FIFA stars, US player, Joey “Joey” Calabro surpassed all expectations, flying though the group stages at FIWC, fallin in the extremely close quarter finals.


We can announce that Joey will now join New York City FC’s growing esports team. It is our belief that New York City FC will provide him the best home to continue his exciting development in competitive FIFA. We quickly found an agreement between both parties, put together with Pat Nelson at Devil Child Management, our management firm and look forward to continue our collaboration with City Football Group.

Epsilon Esports CEO Statement :
“Needless to say, I am extremely happy for Joey, and the sucess story of the Hype Academy. It  means alot and I would like to thank once again our staff and Hype for their support this past year. We wish Joey the very best of luck in his exciting future, and will be for sure keeping up on his results. Additionally, Epsilon will continue to travel the globe for the very best rising Fifa stars, and continue the heritage we have built in Fifa esports over recent years.”


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