Introducing Our Street Fighter V Roster

With season two of the Gfinity Elite Series right around the corner, Epsilon eSports is excited to reveal our roster for Street Fighter V! Some faces will be familiar to you, some others…well they should be quite new ! Let’s meet the players.








Heading into the Elite Series, we have retained Takamura, Keftaroz, Brick and Atrosh for season two. Joining them will be some top European talent in the forms of Nightcross, Kojackkira and Linkexelo.

Gfinity Elilte Series - S1W4 - 0962 - Joe Brady Photography (1)

After finishing in third place in season one, the addition of these three talented players will look to push us towards the overall victory at the end of the season. Nightcross and Kojackira are used to train with the most famous Street Fighter V brothers in Belgium, Takamura and Keftaroz. They will be joined by Linkexelo who had an amazing run during the Zowie Fighter event in Paris as he won the tournament which was gathering the best european players.

Season two of the Gfinity Elite Series kicks off on October 9th and we’ll be looking to defend our Franchise championship!