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MLG Dallas preview – Interview with Insanatised

After the recent announcement of our finalised CoD roster, and the subsequent qualification for pool play at MLG Dallas, we can now look forward to the event starting in a few days.

Photo – Dexerto

As a build up to that, we sat down with Nathan ‘Insanatised’ Orton to get his thoughts on a few things!

Check out the interview below:

1) Hello Nathan. Could you introduce yourself for Epsilon Esports community that reads our articles and maybe won’t know you very well?

My name is Nathan Orton, also known as Insanatised and i’m 18 years of age

2) What was the very first video game you played?

I remember playing a game when I was about 5-6 for I don’t remember the name of it but a game I do remember playing was crash bandicoot, then I ventured into games like GTA and many others.

3) When did you start to play competitive video game for the first time and which game was it?

MW3 back in 2011

4) What was the first CoD you started playing competitively on?


5) Could you tell us a bit more about the way you were contacted by Epsilon’s players and the way you integrated into the team ?

I teamed with Hawqeh back on Ghosts and then I teamed with Vortex on Advance Warfare, even though I never won an event with them me and Vortex got close by placing 2nd twice.

6) What is your opinion about the new Call of Duty World War II? Do you like it?

I think anything is better than what we were forced to play for the last 3 years, my only problem with COD World War II is the footsteps. Once that issue gets fixed then the game will continue to grow and become even better.

7) You have reached your 18th birthday and you can now compete in the COD World League. Do you think it’s a new chapter of your career in COD esports?

I feel as though it’s a fresh start, I had a couple of years to grow up and change many things about myself as before it obviously wasn’t enough since I wasn’t successful. I have grown as not only a person but as a player also in my time off so i’m excited to see where it takes me.

8) MLG Dallas will be your first major event in the United State against the best teams in the world. What are your feelings about this (are you nervous?)

Worrying/Stressing does no good. I’m very calm and focussed on what I have to do as a player for the team to do well. I haven’t played competitive COD for 6+ years and to come this far and not perform to the best of my ability.

9) What do you think about the major rule changes that happened on Thursday (Gridiron removed from rotation, respawn time changed in CTF …) ?

Every change was a positive, it’s good that we are forgetting jetpacks by getting rid of gridiron and focussing on traditional BOTG game modes.

10) Do you have an objective for the upcoming MLG ?

The objective is always to win, the day I wake up and don’t have the fight in me to work towards becoming a champion is the day I step away.

Quick questions

11) Which player has impressed you the most in Europe since the beginning of the season (except Epsilon’s players of course) ?

Hasn’t really been 1 player but the team that gave us some really good games were Brian & co (Braaain, Revolt, Insight and Defrag) even though they just fell short of making groups and ended up splitting that’s the team that made me work the hardest.

12) Do you think French teams like Team Vitality or Team Supremacy have the qualities to make very good results this year at international level (question for French fans) ?

They have their own set style of play so it all comes down to if it works vs whoever they play, they’re able to upset a couple of teams but I think there only hope is taking advantage of a team having a sloppy day.

13) How do you chill out after a 2K ? Between 2K games ?

Just relax and listen to some music while I watch other teams that are streaming

14)  If you had to pick one superpower, would you pick Dqvee’s winking power or Vortex’s GB scheduling power ?

Dqvee winking power, as for Vortex GB scheduling power, he’s lucky I wasn’t 18 back then otherwise I would have out grinded him.

15) Do you want to add something to conclude this interview?
Thanks to the team and Epsilon for the opportunity to come back and do what I love to do.

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