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Honey Badger Released From Epsilon FIFA

Today, we’re announcing the release of Honey Badger from the Epsilon FIFA division. We find a common agreement with FUTWIZ to let him join this eSport organization and wear their colours for the upcoming FIFA 18 season. We would like to thanks them for their cooperation and their professional approach.

As part of the Hype Academy team, the New Zealander placed 3rd at the Rest Of The World FUT Champions event last season and managed to qualify for this year’s FIFA Interactive World Cup.

Here’s what Honey Badger had to say:

“I’d like to thank Epsilon for helping me get into this amazing position I’m in today. Something that two years ago I didn’t think was even possible. Epsilon showed interest in a New Zealand FIFA player, which was very innovative in the FIFA scene. Without the guidance of Epsilon, my game wouldn’t have developed last year and this year. Under Epsilon, I managed to participate in Sydney regionals and FIWC in Doha. I can’t thank them enough for helping me achieve my goal of becoming a pro FIFA player.”

We would like to thank Honey Badger for his time under the Epsilon banner and wish him all the best as he moves forward with his FIFA career.

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