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Gfinity Elite Series – Week One Recap


This past weekend, the opening week of the Gfinity Elite Series took place. Let’s take at how we got on in FIFA, Street Fighter V and Rocket League.


Epsi FIFA would kick off their season against a strong Unilad team. Game one saw Fully take on reigning world champion, Gorilla. With the early aggression, Gorilla looked to break the deadlock early but failed to convert. Fully managed to sneak through the defence to score the first goal of the game. A late goal for Fully wrapped up a big victory over one of the best in the world.

Next up, Dingo would face Shellz on the PS4. Two quick goals from the Unilad player sealed the deal for the opposition, making the series a 1-1 draw.

Rocket League

A new look Epsi RL team began their campaign against Ares. A phenomenal performance from the squad saw them secure a swift 3-0 victory, only conceding one goal in the process. They’ll be looking to continue their great start of the season in week two, where they will face Fnatic.

Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter squad started their season against newcomers, Fnatic. Keftaroz kicked off the series against Brick, but Brick managed to take the game and the early lead for the opposition. Game two would see Kuja take on Akainu. Akainu fully utilised the sonic booms to take round one but Kuja responded in the second, landing Abigail’s special to close out the round. A back and forth third round went in favour of Akainu and the squad were now 2-0 down.

Takamura would do battle against Shakz in game three. Takamura managed to take the first round before Shakz shifted the momentum, taking the next two. We now needed a reverse sweep if we were to take victory.  Takamura stayed on to take on Akainu. Unluckily Akainu was too strong and won the game in convincing fashion. Fnatic took a 4-0 victory, handing us our first loss of the new season.

Despite the loss in Street Fighter, it was a good start to season three of the Elite Series. Bring on week two! Don;t forget to show your support on social media using #EpsiWin

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