Fully is joining our Epsi.FIFA team

A few weeks after integrating Guigsey among our Epsi.FIFA roster we are proud to welcome a new player also coming from England. Ranked second in the FUT Champions world leaderboard for the month of march and then qualified for the FUTC europe season 3 regionals, Akima “Fully” Byron is joining Epsilon eSports.

For a few months our scouting service are looking for new players and the upcoming stars of the FIFA scene. After following Fully’s performances since a moment we made the decision to hire him. Here is what Samy Bessi had to say, Epsilon eSports vice-president :

“We had internally been looking at Fully from the start of  FIFA17. His way of playing, regularity, confidence mental. We are delighted that he will join us now and we are confident about his future in our #EpsiFamil.”

On his side, Fully has expressed his joy to join Epsilon eSports :

“Joining epsilon today feels immense, due to the fact that I have put in so much time and effort and now I am part of one of the best organisation. I’m looking to come top 4 in the upcoming events.”

Welcome to Fully among #EpsiFamily, important events are coming in the upcoming months !