FreddieB Released from Epsilon CSGO

Today, we announce the departure of Fredrik ‘freddieb’ Buö from Epsilon CSGO.

One of the last remaining core members, given lately space to show his full potential. Professional to the end, and letting us know he would like a transfer in the near future, we found an agreement with Godsent for freddieb to continue his incredible carreer.

Fredrik has been instrumental in our recent success in the Gfinity Elite Series, where we won the event and the Franchise championship.


We would like to thank Fredrik for all his work during his time in Epsilon and we wish him the best as he continues his career with Godsent.

Greg Champagne MD of Epsilon eSports
I still remember the early days, the original freddieb rez draken & disco doplan. I am extremely proud of the players they became today, much like other ex Epsilon players. Freddieb perhaps has the most merit, as he continued every day to practice harder, becoming our star player. He expressed his desire for something new, and I believe we owe him that today. Good luck!

We will be exploring options over the coming weeks.

Keep an eye on our Twitter for any official announcements.