Epsilon partner with Trust Gaming

Today, Epsilon can proudly announce a new partnership with Trust Gaming.

The Dutch based company will provide Epsilon players & teams with mice, keyboards and mousepads, as well as having an ongoing consultation about improving other products in Trust’s existing catalogue.

Additionally to this, Trust will work with us to release Epsilon branded products that will be available for both our players and fans alike!

trust banner

We have already been collaborating on some very exciting video content, and also we will be teaming up at upcoming events, with Epsilon players appearing on the Trust Gaming booths.
More content creation is planned, specifically using the excellent facilities at the Epsilon Gaming House.

Trust Gaming and Epsilon will strive to inspire, guide and help build future gaming champions by giving valuable tips and tricks and of course provide suitable gaming gear for every budget and gamers in every stage on their road of becoming a champion.

Please give Trust Gaming a follow at:
Twitter – @TrustGamingGXT
Facebook – Trust Gaming
Instagram – Trust.Gaming


About Trust Gaming
Trust Gaming provides value for money gaming accessories for PC and console, to build champions. We offer a diverse line-up of products for a beginner up to a professional gamer.
Due to our close relationship with various pro gamers, we have the knowledge to create reliable peripherals that allow young gamers to reach their full gaming potential and provide suited gear for every budget.