Epsilon Statement in response to CS:GO Team

Below is an update from both Kurtis Stocks (Epsilon eSports Director) & Francesc ‘Donq’ Savall, in response to our previous statement from earlier tonight:

Francesc “donQ” Savall
We would like to apologize to Epsilon and clarify our statement, as the general public has misinterpreted the situation. All financial & contractual obligations of Epsilon have been respected; however the language barrier creates frustration and delay, add to that the lack of results have put tension between both parties.
We decided upon ourselves to leave the team and start from fresh without any pressure, however realized it was perhaps not the most appropriate way of proceeding. We are happy to say though, that we have sat down with Epsilon and agreed on release terms.
As of today we will now be looking for new goals.

Kurtis Stocks – Director of eSports
“We are happy that the situation has been clarified, and the language barrier indeed created delays in certain demands. The CSGO team were led to believe that we were withholding the SOCIALNAT earnings, when in contrary the money was only just recently paid to Epsilon.  We have always respected our duties, and will continue to do so. Good luck to our ex Spanish team, as we still strongly believe the country holds a big enough talent pool to qualify for majors.”

****Previous Statement earlier tonight:
In response to the recent statement by the former Epsilon CS:GO Team, we will say that all contractual obligations were met and salaries paid. We desperately wanted to believe in a Spanish CSGO team, however the departure of Mixwell was a turning point in the team. Unfortunately the team never managed to reproduce the same consistency afterwards.

We have had no formal written notification about the teams intentions to terminate their contracts with Epsilon.
The action the players have taken by announcing their departure from Epsilon is itself a breach of their existing contract. We shall be discussing what further action we will take from here.

We will give more detail when appropriate.