Halo 2017

Epsilon return to Halo

It is with pleasure that we can announce our return to Halo esports!

We had a great deal of success with our previous team, and with a period away from the game, we have now seen an opportunity to move back in with a team that we feel will do big things. With qualifiers coming up for Halo World Championships, things are about to get serious.

Without further delay, here is Epsilon Halo:

Mike ‘Snipedrone’ Juchau 1280px-flag_of_england-svg
Daniel ‘Doodle’ Petersen danish flag
Conor ‘VexZeus’ Scally Flag_of_Ireland.svg
Kieran ‘Quad’ Rose 1280px-flag_of_england-svg
Coach – Dan ‘Flamez’ Young flag_of_wales_2-svg

Obviously Snipedrone has been with Epsilon before and it’s great to have him back along with this exciting team.


Doodle had this to say about the team joining Epsilon:

“After assembling a squad that has the potential to be at the top of competitive Halo in our scene, we couldn’t be happier to join forces with an organisation like Epsilon. We both share the same vision and with World Championships coming up, we have our work cut out for us. Everyone is ready, time to do work!”

The team won the first seeding event recently, and will play the second one this weekend. This will be their first tourney as an official Epsilon line up.

Please join us in welcoming the team to Epsilon eSports and wish them luck in their upcoming events.