Epsilon Return to CS:GO

After a brief break from the CS:GO scene, Epsilon are very happy to announce our new CS:GO line up!
CS:GO has always been a massive title for Epsilon and we are delighted to be back involved with a team we are very excited about.

They are the former CG team and consist of:

William “draken” Sundinse
Andreas “moken” Karlssonse
Fredrik “REZ” Sterner se
Fredrik “freddieb” Buö se
Joakim “disco doplan” Gidetun se
Coach: Christian “chrille” Lindberg se

Fred SternerMoken






‘Rez’ & ‘Moken’

The all Swedish line up have been creating a good name for themselves recently and we have high hopes that they can build the Epsilon name again in CS:GO.

The team won the CS:GO Season 9 Professional Placement Tournament, and recently securing the CPH Games MSI Qualifier. You will get a chance to spot them quickly in their first official event under Epsilon at Copenhagen Games.

chrille“Chrille” & “Draken”

Coach Christian “chrille” Lindberg had this to say about joining Epsilon:

“We are very happy to be a part of Epsilon. It feels like a perfect platform for a talented team like this and we hope that together we will take us to the next level and be a future top team. We want to thank Epsilon for this opportunity.”

Epsilon CEO, Greg Champagne said this about the new team:

“The team feels a perfect fit for us, a mix of raw talent and stability. We are excited to begin a new adventure and perhaps surprise as we have with our past swedish experience. ;)”

Get behind the new team and welcome them to the #EpsiFamily
Good luck boys! Great to have you on board!

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