Epsilon & Hype Energy renew sponsorship!

2016 saw the start of a totally new relationship for Epsilon when we partnered with energy drink company Hype Energy.

Initially starting out with support for our Smite guys at SWC, and our Halo team at HWC, we quickly grew and officially became partners in May. In addition to this, Hype have also put their name to our esports academy, which currently supports our second CSGO team, and recently allowed Hampus to move into the main team as a stand in.


After a number of very successful events and link ups, both parties have now decided that the time is right to extend the deal further into 2017!

The team at Hype have been very supportive during our time with them and they are becoming more and more focused on esports, with lots of new content planned between both Epsilon & Hype.


Manu Álvarez, in charge of eSports sponsorships at Hype Energy drinks declared:

“Our first year with Epsilon eSports has been a great success. The performance of Epsilon’s rosters last year was exceptional, and we are delighted to be represented by this talented group of professionals in 2017. It has opened the door to a completely new world and to many new fans that are in love with our brand.”

Greg Champagne, Epsilon eSports Managing Director had this to say:

“We are very pleased to extend our partnership with Hype Energy drinks for another year as 2016 was an incredible experience collaborating with them. We believe 2017 will be a banner year for eSports and an extremely exciting time for both Epsilon eSports and Hype”

With so many more events planned across all the Epsilon teams in 2017, the future is looking very exciting between ourselves and Hype.

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