H1Z1 announce

Epsilon and Hype enter H1Z1 – Welcome our new Kings of the Kill!

Today, Epsilon, in association with our partners Hype Energy, are truly excited to announce to that we have taken a big step and entered the world of H1Z1! The famous survival shooter developed by Daybreak, has really taken off, and gathered a massive online following. This is both from a playing and watching point of view. Therefore we are glad to team up with one of the best international teams!

Recently, the advent of competitive H1Z1 has seen the game’s growth advance even quicker.  As Daybreak is pushing the eSports aspect of their game, we have made the choice to pick up one of the best teams, especially as they are truly an international team. Here are the players that we hope will provide you with entertainment and excitement:

Ziad “AyeZee” Koussa – Flag_of_Lebanon.svg sa flag
Shaylin “ApexShay” Alexander - UK-Union-Flag
Markus “Fjeldern” Fjeld  - no
Marius “Kugeeh” Steinsrud  - no
Richard “GoldenDuke” Crawford  - Flag_of_the_United_States.svg
Here is the statement of the Team Captain, Ziad “AyeZee” Koussa about joining us:


“As the team captain and on behalf of my entire team, I would like to thank Epsilon and Hype for giving us such an amazing opportunity to join them. It is such a privilege for all of us as a top tier team, to be given the chance to represent an internationally well renowned organization in the eSports scene and Hype Energy, one of their partner. As everyone knows, Epsilon has an extremely high team standard in the eSports world and we are confident that we can definitely uphold, if not exceed, those remarkable standards of competition.
From my perspective as team captain and someone who has so much experience playing H1Z1, I have never led or played with a team that has as much potential and talent as this team. They are all some of the top ranked players in the world that gel so well as a team, despite being from so many different countries.
As a team we look forward to competing in future events and we hope to achieve the success that everyone is expecting from our top tier team.”

With members of the team also being successful streamers too, we expect massive content and exposure as well as a terrifically talented team of players!

Watch out for much more from #EpsiH1Z1 soon!