Epsilon CS Secure Elite Series Finals Spot


After weeks of intense Counter Strike action, Epsi CS were in action against Endpoint as they look to defend their Elite Series title.

Kicking off the series on Mirage, Epsi began well, taking the first pistol round to quickly establish the early lead. An impressive performance on the T side gave them a solid 10-5 lead at half time. The opposition answered back, taking the second pistol round but Epsi responded immediately to move within 5 rounds of the win. Endpoint began a huge resurgence to close the game to 13-11 but Epsi held their nerve to secure the first map 16-12.

Cobble would be the second map. This time, Endpoint would take the first pistol round but Epsi managed to shut down the opponents with a force buy. Solid positioning and trading from Epsi solidified an 11-4 lead at half time. The momentum was in favour of the team, winning the second pistol round to move to 12-4. A crisp 1v2 from Jayzwalkingz moved Epsi to match point, where they were able to take the win 16-4 to move into the grand finals.

The team will face Team Envy Academy next weekend, where they will be focused on taking home the title once again!

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