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Epsilon announce International Fifa Academy

FIFA 17 has certainly marked the start of a new era for the game and has tipped FIFA into another eSports dimension. With the FIWC circuit that has progressed through the 2016-2017 season, regions other than Europe have seen the arrival of talented FIFA players. However, due to the support of traditional sports organizations and football clubs, the rest of the world lags slightly behind Europe in this sector. It is for this reason that we wish to invest in these regions and to give a chance to the talented players who evolve there.

We are therefore proud to announce the launch of our international FIFA Academy. Composed currently of 4 players, our objective is to develop each of these players thanks to our experience in the management of the Fifa esports and no doubt that results will happen quickly! Without further delay here is the composition of the Epsilon eSports Fifa Academy:

Giuseppe “Guastella11″ Guastella: the veteran

After participating in no fewer than five FIWC finals, one of the veterans of the FIFA scene continues to impress with his consistency. He is currently playing at the FITC Qualifier in Miami for the FIWC.

Joseph “Joey” Calabro

As a rising figure on the American FIFA scene, this talented player has already secured his place for season 3 of the FIWC regional qualifiers. Less well known to the general public, he has a potential that our scouting teams had noticed! Here are his feelings on joining Epsilon:

“I am very happy to start my career as a professional player with Epsilon eSports, it is a real honor to represent them and I intend to do my best to make them proud”

Harry “Honeybadgers2134″ Blackmore

Having come third to qualify for season 1 FUTC regionals for the Rest of the World, this young player from New Zealand has attracted the attention of our Fifa team. With the support of our staff he will no doubt continue his momentum! Here’s what Harry had to say:

“I am very happy to start my FIFA adventure with Epsilon eSports and after finishing third in the Sydney regional I have the opportunity today with Epsilon to take a new course. Will be able to participate in the FIWC and prepare for the next FIFA.”

Ben “TheFIFAanimal” Mears

The last member of our FIFA Academy, this young and talented player who finished in the Top8 of the Sydney Regional also attracted our attention. We are hoping our support will allow Ben to progress and help him develop his huge potential. Ben had this to say:

“I am very happy to join the Epsilon eSports academy project and it is a very important step forward for my career, which I realize by taking the opportunity to prove my capabilities under the colors of Epsilon eSports”