Epsilon Academy Director Wanted

Epsilon Esports have always had a history of scouting and developing some of the best esports players.

In a bid to continue and even heighten this, we are starting our own Academy with assistance from our partner at Hype Energy.

We will search for bright new talents and help them to develop in a supportive environment which will hopefully support all our other esports activities.

Now, the question we ask is…….Could YOU be our Academy Director?

We want to hear from people if you think you have what it takes to take this academy to new levels of esports development.

Below is our Job Description/Person Specification.

If you feel that you fit this, please email us at contact@epsilon-esports.com including your resume and a description as to why you would be ideal for the role.

Good luck to all applicants!

Academy director:

Job brief

We are looking for an Academy director to manage the Epsilon Academy which will be launched shortly.

Academy director responsibilities include the hiring of the players and their management. Before signing any player the Academy director will need to present a player profile to the Epsilon eSports management and argue why it would be of good value for the Epsilon Esports Academy.

The Academy director needs to set up personalised training sessions for the academy players to help them to improve and maybe join the main team.

The Academy director responsibilities also include the fact that they need to be open to any new opportunities for our different Academy teams. It means that they need to be able to scout the upcoming players.

The Academy director needs to train and monitor the players in social media skills and make sure they are available and ready for any kind of sponsor special activations.

Ultimately, the Academy director need to update on a regular basis Epsilon eSports management board on player evolution, through the production of reports.


Hiring Academy players
Manage the Academy players
Set up training session for Academy players
Scout upcoming players
Monitor players on social media
Teach players social media best practice


Work experience as eSport director or any similar role
Work experience as Manager for an eSport team
Good knowledge of the many esports scenes
Scouting skills
Good social media knowledge
Fluent in English

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