Elite Series Rocket League: Week 1 Recap

Epsi holding Elite Series

Epsi RL were back in action for their opening game of season two of the Gfinity Elite Series. Let’s see how the team got on.

Taking on a tricky exceL squad, it was certainly going to be a close contest. The opposition broke through the Epsi defence to score three goals in quick succession before Flarke found the back of the net for us. Excel responded quickly and scored a fourth to take the first game of the series.

Game two was much different. Flarke opened the scoring for the squad before the opposition equalised. Data answered straight back with a goal of his own before a nice long range finish from Florus gave us a 3-1 lead. Data scored his second with some incredible car positioning and followed up with his third to make it 6-2. We had tied the series and the game was all to play for.

Data carried on from the last game and kicked off the third game with another goal for Epsi. Excel capitalised on some poor defendinh to grab two before Flarke scored from an impossible angle to tie up the game. But the defence let us down, exceL quickly moved the ball into the goal with 30 seconds remaining to take the third game of the series.

It was still all to play for in the fourth game. Excel grabbed the early lead before Data connected with a great pass from Florus to make it 1 goal apiece. Pwndx shifted the momentum, scoring a hat trick to put the game out of reach. Excel took the game 5-1 and the series 3-1.

GGWP to exceL. The team will be going for victory next week! Remember to show your support by using the #EpsiWin