CWL 2018

CWL Dallas Preview

From December 8th to 10th, the first big LAN tournament of the esports season will be held on the new edition of the Call of Duty franchise, namely World War II. With the disappearance of jet packs from the gameplay and a return to source with the famous “boots on the ground”, the game received a very positive reception from the community and in particular from the competitive players. This season seems to have all the ingredients to be an exceptional year!

A month after the release of the game, 2K tournaments organized every weekend online by MLG have been able to establish a hierarchy between the best rosters. Thus, the top 10 American teams, the top 5 European and the best Australian team have been able to qualify directly for the pool phase of this LAN. In fifth place in the CWL rankings in Europe, our British roster of Vortex, Dqvee, Hawqeh and Insanatised, have waited until the last moment for their direct qualification to the pool phase of CWL Dallas.. The victory of their compatriots Splyce against the French team of Supremacy during the last 2K secured their spot.

It is therefore in the heart of Texas that MLG will bring together the top 20 teams right now in the main draw (272 in all if we also count the Open Bracket). They will all fight it out for a share of the $200 000 prize pool.

Placed in the 4th pot, our players knew that the draw would inevitably be more or less difficult. They find themselves in Pool B and will really have their work cut out.

Here’s a look at the other teams in our Pool:

Luminosity Gaming: Second seed of the North American qualification, Luminosity is one of the favourites for victory at this event. Led by double world champion Jkap, this team is made up of veterans of CoD esports: John, Slacked and Octane. They achieved two second places in previous 2K tournaments, bowing out in the final against Optic Gaming.

Ground Zero: Thanks to the return of Parasite as captain, the Ground Zero team can be considered one of the best in the world in the S & D game mode. Supported by his lieutenant Study, they have surrounded themselves with two young guns of the American scene: Blaztful and Ferocitys. They took 6th position in the rankings across the Atlantic with regular Top 5/8 2K tournament finishes.

Team Vitality: Best French team since the beginning of the season, the most popular roster of the Continent owes its direct qualification to a very good performance in the last 2K with a Top 2 finish. Long standing Vitality member Wailers has made another foray into CWL this season with the roster of Malls, Riskin and Zayrox.

As a reminder, only the first two teams will qualify for the quarter-finals of the competition and will advance to the championship bracket. The objective will also be to refuel Pro Points during this first international event.

For our young addition Insanatised, this will be his first big Call of Duty event. You will find an interview with Nathan coming soon, shortly before the start of his first international competition.

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