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Changes to Epsilon CSGO France

A few months ago, we launched our French CSGO project with the creation of a 100% French-speaking team. Bringing together emblematic figures of this scene and young talents, the results didn’t take long to materialise. With two good results in as many LAN events, the balance is positive for this team. It seems that these results have reached the ears of other organizations in eSports,  in particular … EnVyUs.


Indeed, shortly after the Gamers Assembly, while EnVyUs competed in the CS Summit on the other side of the Atlantic, two players caught their attention in France and especially in our team. That’s how Jackz and VKLL were offered positions in the EnVyUs Academy roster. Not being able to refuse them this opportunity that was offered to them, it is quite natural that we have given them our blessing to join EnVyUs. Both players wanted to comment on their short but pleasing time under our colours:


Jug “JACKZ” Audric


“I leave the ship Epsilon for a new horizon … The story was short but intense, I go with a heavy heart leaving behind people who have become much more than mates. As you know, I’m not used to changing teams during the season. After a lot of thought, I could not refuse EnVyUs’ proposal and the prospects that went with it. I would like to thank Epsilon and their staff who have always trusted me and done an admirable job, I wish good luck to my brothers zigotos and a big big up to Sam.”


Bartolomei “VKLL” Valentin


“Today, a page turns for me since I leave Epsilon eSports to join EnVyUs Academy, and I would like to thank Epsilon for their support during these 3 months under their colours. This was my first professional experience and I have grown.  I would like to say a few words to my team mates with whom I had a great time and I wish them all the best, and I thank EnVyUs for the trust they place in me.”

These departures however do not mark the end of the French CSGO project.  Three other players will join us and begin to train with the rest of the team in the coming days. The deadlines will come very quickly with the CEVO playoffs and the start of the ESL national championship. The team composition will therefore be the following for the upcoming months with the aim to settle and stay permanently at the top in the# French scene:


Téchené “LoWkii” Theo french_flag

Nguyen “mshz” Michel french_flag

Intronati “Kan4″ Leo french_flag

Girardeau “lipton_” Jérémy french_flag

Ladeveze “remakz” Anthony french_flag


Lipton had this to say about his integration into the French CSGO team:


“It is with pleasure that I join the ranks of Epsilon eSports and my new teammates, which is a new challenge for me because I have not yet evolved with the players who make up this team. I hope to prove and show what I can do, and continue to progress! The goal is simple: victory! “


Other news should follow rather quickly, we will reserve a surprise to you in collaboration with Malek who remains a full member of our organization! Once again, we thank you for your support.